500 mg Krill Oil per capsule
Minimum order: 10 bottles
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glutenfrei laktosefrei
zuckerfrei gmo frei

The Krill Oil in our capsules is exclusively produced from Euphausia Superba. This species, which is living in the artic sea is especially rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Krill move in large schools through the artic sea. They feed mostly on micro algae which is the main source of the Omega 3 acids.

These algaes also contain Astaxanthin which is a powful antioxidant and also the reason for the reddish colour of the capsules. Astaxanthin has various benefits for human health and it also protects the oil from oxidation. Because of these, no other additives are required in the capsule.

Omega 3 fatty acids from Krill are far superior to common Omega 3 fatty acids. In normal fish oil, the Omega 3 fatty acid occurs as a triglyceride. This form first has to be metabolized in the liver before the body can absorp them.

Omega 3 fatty acids in Krill are bound to phospholipids. These can be absorbed directly and are therefore faster and more efficient. Phospohlipid bound fatty acids are capable of penetrating the cell membrane which is a unique feature.

Another advantage is the fact, that Krill Oil is free from pollutants. The arctic waters are extremely clean so that there is no contamination in the first place. Commom fish oil has to be cleaned first in an expensive process.

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