Softgelatine capsules are becoming increasingly more popular. They are particularly suitable for oils and other liquid substances. Solid substances can also be used in softgel capsules as long as they are dissolved in an oily base.

We work together with leading manufacturers of softgelatine capsules who use the most up to date equipment and produce in accordance with international standards.

For a custom formulation, minimum quantities vary between 100.000 and 300.000 capsules depending on the product.


Softgel capsules

CLA Kapseln5CLA 180 500x500
CLA Kapseln1CLA 90 Kapseln
Nachtkerzenöl Kapseln9Nahtkerzenoel 500x500
Krill Oel Kapseln9Krilloil 500x500
Omega 3 18 12 Kapseln5Omega 3 classic 500x500
Omega 369 Kapseln4Omega 369 500x500
Omega 7 Kapseln1Omega 7 500x500